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I have removed the wiki due to lack of use, and the forums due to link spamming bots. If there's enough demand, I may put one or both back up. If you really need to get in contact with me about it, you can do the research.

Infected with DRM

- ahsile

I wanted to warn my readers about some Sony CDs which are "Infected with DRM". Please take a look at your CDs and see if any of them are on this list which is not complete, but you can do more research if you like. This sony rootkit/DRM infection is also (allegedly) using stolen GPL/LGPL code, which is against what Zenwerx (my coding site) stands for (providing free software and respecting free software licenses).


- ahsile

There is now a Wiki (included on the main menu) for the site. Have fun and add your own facts and news about the site. Or, if you like head over to the forums and discuss anything you like.

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the Sprawl Series

neuromancer (1984)
count zero (1986)
mona lisa overdrive (1988)

the Bridge Trilogy

virtual light (1993)
idoru (1996)
all tomorrow's parties (1999)


burning chrome (1986)
the difference engine (1991)
pattern recognition (2003)
agrippa (1992)