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Still no time to write my own information. I've aggregated info from a couple sites (wikipedia and wg aleph) to fill in the holes for now.


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The titles/navigation have changed a little to make it easier to backtrack. All sections have at least some content, although not always a lot.

Remember, this is a complete redesign. The old site was chucked in the garbage and we started from scratch again.

Gibson Blog

CIVICS 100 -

I currently seem to be proving my theory that I can't simultaneously write a novel and blog.

I did, however, run across this wonderful old filmclip on my friend Joi Ito's blog:

Sorry for being too lazy to make you a proper hyperlink, but it's worth watching. I remember seeing this one on television: the imaginary fascist emblems in the polling-place sequence intrigued me.

synaptic response

Welcome to Synaptic Response, your resource for information on anything related to William Gibson. He defined a new genre of fiction for readers to enjoy, and has since continued to consistently deliver stunning material.

Neuromancer founded a culture which is still in existance to this very day, and William Gibson himself predicted (or possibly influenced) the development of many of the computer advances today.

Discover this site through one of the entry points, but be warned: What you think you know, may change quite rapidly here in the Matrix.

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